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Bottle(soft) Drinks Kills With Laser Precision

Before now,humans were known with tropical disease like malaria, thyroid, diarrhea etc. But when we started adopting sedentary lifestyle, we complicated issues for ourselves, by br.. Read more

Infertility : A Both Male And Female Factor

INFERTILITY Infertility is the failure to conceive regardless of the cause after 1year of regular unprotected sexual intercourse. It affects almost 15% of reproductive aged coupl.. Read more

Female Virginity : Facts And Myth

FEMALE VIRGINITY:THE MOST MISUNDERSTOOD CONCEPT Virginity is one of the major issue bringing about lost of trust and broken homes, why because of the misconception of bleeding dur.. Read more

Sex Skills And Secrete Of Bedroom Success In Marriages

Sex skills and secrete of bedroom success : Many people claim saint /holy when it comes to issues of sex education. Some people attach faith to it. That my religion is against tha.. Read more

Premature Ejaculation: A Nightmare For Most Men

PREMATURE EJACULATION (PE): The most embarrassing issue and a nightmare for most men. First of all let me set the record straight, in most cases, PE as it affect a large number of.. Read more

Hiv : A Monster Of The Modern Times

HIV VIRUS (pt1.) Let's quickly explain the basics: HIV is primarily spread through unprotected sex (anal, vaginal and oral). Just to add: the transmission rate is higher .. Read more

9 Types Of Sex In Marriages You Must Know

9 DIFFERENT TYPES OF SEX IN MARRIAGE!!!!! 1. RECONCILIATION SEX:- Sex is a most potent weapon for diluting and difusing misunderstanding in Marriage. If you don't use SEX to set.. Read more

Peeing Unintentionally

DIAGNOSIS: POST-MICTURITION CONVULSION SYNDROME (PMCS)! Forget the big grammar please. You can simply refer to it as "pee shiver" or "piss shiver" or "PMCS" for short. And hey, .. Read more

Do Not Take Folic Acid And Fancidar During Pregnancy

WARNING: DO NOT USE FANSIDAR AND FOLIC ACID (5mg) IN PREGNANCY! For those of you who may not know, allow me explain what this is about.... Folic acid (FA)- usually sold as .. Read more

How To Plan The Sex Of Your Baby(boy Or Girl)

HOW TO DETERMINE THE GENDER OF YOUR BABY PRIOR TO PLANING PREGNANCY: During the process of fertilization two sex cells that's the male and female cells unites, XY chromosomes for.. Read more

Semen Leakage From The Vagina After Sex

SEMEN LEAKAGE FROM THE VAGINA AFTER SEX: WHAT IT MEANS! Before I start proper, I need to make some clarifications: 1. Semen is a combination of sperms and other body fluids s.. Read more

How To Determine Your Fertile Window Easily

Let me explain some terms here 1. Fertile window (F.W): This is that time when a woman is fertile can conceive if she has an unprotected sex with a fertile male partner. The F.W i.. Read more