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7 Primary Needs You Owe Your Wife

7 Primary Needs You Owe Your Wife :

1.Love and Affection : A successful marriage is built on basically 3 pillars, which love and affection plays the number one role. Any union without a sustained love and affection is bound to fail naturally and spontaneously.
When love and affection is missing, then automatically, sexual fulfilment is affected. So love is a life long process in every successful marriage.

2. Honesty and Openness : When you are not honest with your wife or hiding many things away from her, then automatically you are subjecting her emotions to doubt on your vows to remain loyal, committed and steadfast in building an intact home. Though their are things that must not be revealed, but certainly when you choose to be an introvert in your relationship, then there is a big problem

3.Attention/ communication/conversation: you must find time to talk, gist and share good time with your wife, instead of focusing on your work/business and abandoning your responsibilities. Nature has it that women likes talking, so give them time.

4. Financial support : Your wife needs financial support whether she is financially buoyant or not. It is very known that women needs classy things. Support her to stand were others are standing

5.Family commitment : As the head of the family, you should always put your family first before taking any decision. Always remember that your family is your topmost priority

6. Appreciations : Learn to appreciate your wife's efforts in discharging her responsibilities of a good wife

7. Domestic support:
It's not a big deal for a man to help his wife with domestic chores. It makes her feel loved and confidence of being in a good relationship
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