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Life at twenties to early thirties is indeed a painful life transition in men.

This is the time so many things runs through your mind as a guy, who has hope of building a successful life.

At this age, you begin to think and ponder upon what life will be in the nearest future. The time when hustling is at it peak.

Hustling in terms of studying in anticipation for a better future, or actively into business or other hand jobs.

At this point you are having so much in your mind. Still under the sponsorship of your parents, in terms of school fees, clothing, food etc.

At this age, with all the above mentioned challenges, you have a girlfriend which you love so much that you often see a worthless life without having her by your side

At this point of intense emotional engagement, you want to assume the mantle of responsibility (a responsible man), you want to impress her by paying her bills, you want to take her on romantic date to get more intimate, you want to prove to the world that she is that only one that makes your plantation flourish.

However, life isn't friendly enough. WHY because you don't have money

At this critical stage, you are 25 years and she is 22 years and her family members are mounting pressure on her on when is she going to present that lucky man(the man in her life) while her friends are getting her intimidated with all those pre-wedding pictures.

All of a sudden, you started noticing strange attitudes from her

You call her she doesn't pick your call or return back your calls

You send messages, anticipating for a reply, but to no avail

When she eventually pick your calls and you asked why all the attitudes she blast you by saying if I'm free why won't I pick your calls? You too much complain

Before you realize, your conversation with her has turn up to be a question and answer session

Yes, um, k, no, 😂😀 nothing

At this point, you are all frustrated but you can't call it a quit because of the emotional burden attached to it. You are scared of been subjected to emotional trauma.

One day you both were chatting and she asked you a strange question, will you marry me if you have the means? You were like wow sense is back into her skull, not knowing that all is a set up

One week later, she asked you darling, what are your plans for our relationship, and you immediately become an artificial stammerer

Weeks later, a heart aching question generated by most ladies surfaces, now she address you with your name, no darling, no sweetheart but Mansir where is this relationship heading to?

You are still a poor child sponsored by his parents, how then can you answer such a question?

Suddenly she drops tsunami in your plantation by mentioning that, she met a guy recently and he proposed marriage. So what is your advice?

And you know age is not by her side, she is 24 now, and she is scared of having challenges in the future

You have no option than to give up, but still you are giving your self and her false hope by saying if we are bound to be together we will be

Two weeks later, you started seeing her pre-wedding pictures on her status and other close friends. And then you assume the position of Albert Einstein, your brain sparks and you start relating events that happened earlier

You then come to conclusion :
-she has been talking to the guy a long time ago
- all the attitudes on whatsapp, the yes and no conversation were as result of long paragraphs she needs to type give him and you were disturbing them

Now you are convinced that you have been fooled

However, you can't blame her, you are still anticipating a better future that your self is not too sure of in 4 years coming

Now she is gone. That late comer is enjoying the fruits of your plantation

Then you begin to rain curses on her remembering the #200 airtime you occasionally send to her, but unfortunately for you, such gift never moved her as that guy was sending her 5K to manage weekly.

And then you label all ladies as ingrates, deceivers, bla bla bla

Four to five years later, you have arrived the promise land. All that you have been anticipating are at your disposal.

You are currently the happening guy in town

You attend a dinner with your friends in expensive suit and Italian made shoe.

As you were seated observing and appreciating the work of nature, a train of ladies passes by and you spoted one, she is beautiful, elegant, chubby cheeks and kissy lips.

You walk up to her, and stimulated her appetite for a drink and later arranged a date

She is nice, kindhearted, lovely and she is 23 years i.e ready for marriage

A month later, you whispered marriage to her ears, she was so elated, she agreed to marry you

But before you coming into her life, she was together with a guy, who is 24 years, still finding the reason for the strange attitude he is facing from her. The sudden yes and no replies

Suddenly she drops the bombshell by mentioning that, she met a guy(you) recently and he proposed marriage. So what is your advice?

And you know age is not by her side, she is 23 now, and she is scared having challenges in the future....

You and her have gotten married, and that young guy left traumatized emotionally

And the series of transition goes on and on and on

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