Sex Skills And Secrete Of Bedroom Success In Marriages

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Sex skills and secrete of bedroom success :
Many people claim saint /holy when it comes to issues of sex education. Some people attach faith to it. That my religion is against that. But let me be very plain to you, in this world we are living today, sex education is vital and necessary, because of the changes in our acquired genetic constitution, due to lifestyle modifications.
When we go deep into history, we will see that our grandparents didn't suffer broken homes as result of sex life (failure to satisfy your partner).In fact during their time, some wives are the one's seeking the man to add wife as they can't manage the intense sex urge by the husband
So when you allow your man to have sex with you always without achieving orgasm my sister, u are just serving as a sex worker not a wife
So the essence of this session is to improve your sex life, and hook your hubby to yourself instead of allowing another woman to take care of your hubby
In practicing pleasurable sex, you owe your self the responsibility of attaining climax of pleasure, as most men lack the power to bring an achievable orgasm without proper plan for that
How can I achieve an orgasmic sex with my hubby
1.when your hubby make sexual advances to you, you need to know that most men attain full erection and ready for sex in 45sec to 2mins. While a lady who is about to start intercourse attain sexual readiness in about 15mins to 20min
So prior to intercourse with your hubby, never allow him to penetrate you without sufficient fore play which leads you to sufficiently getting wet and well lubricated with cervical mucus. Reason is because when you allow him to get in you instantly, by the time he is releasing, that is when you are sufficiently horny/wet, ready for pleasure proper. This is what we call love making not sex making. So get to talk to your hubby and educate him on the importance of fore play to you,
Another reason why you fail to attain extreme sexual pleasure is failure to know your body, so give me your attention
The point of extreme pleasure in all women is a structure called the clitoris (a structure similar to the pens) .The clitoris been similar has the penis has innervations responsible for extreme pleasure. The clitoris has over 8000 innervations,while the penis has about 4000 innervations. So this means, sufficient stimulation of your clitoris is more intense pleasurable than stimulation of the penis
Another point of extreme pleasure is the nipple when stimulated. And the next is the jugular vein
Aside from the the general g-spot every lady has a peculiar g-spot which can only be detected during fore play with your hubby
How do I get to show my hubby how to locate my g-spot?
It's the sole responsibility of your hubby to locate your g-spot but if he is absent minded, it is your responsibility to show him by directing his hand toward the point during all foreplay when you keep directing him toward the point, he will get to know
But don't make the mistake of telling him orally, it make some men feel am a failure to in my responsibility
After practicing this, by the time he penetrate you, your life will not be the same as before

Today its no news that on an average, many men do cheat on their wives repeatedly, not because their partners aren't endowed enough, but because they allow sexually oriented ladies to give their hubby's what the wife can't give him
Most ladies after marriage do make the mistake of having the believe that all required of them as a responsibility on them is to submit their self to their hubby when he make advances at them, my sister, sex is much more than that if indeed you want to hook up your man sexually. So here I really need your attention
To attain a pleasurable sex experience, 3p are involved.

Person :The two of you must be sexually attractive to each other, if that love and affection doesn't exist, you may never enjoy your sex life no matter how good your man is in bed. So develop that feelings and affection

Passion,:To enjoy your sex life, you must have passion for sex, don't take it as a means to please ur man alone, but d both of you

Process :This is the point where most ladies fail woefully, and allowed other ladies ,give him what he wants and share the money meant for you with her
When having sex with your hubby, one of the greatest mistake ladies do is to lie down like log of wood without making any movement, allowing ur man do d whole job, my sister, that is not what sex workers give men to hold them as dia usual customers, they equally move their body during the act, they participate actively. That is what makes your man sexually attached to u and stimulate his appetite to go more than a round, even if he is weak
Secondly, the most powerful tool used by sex workers to snatch your hubby, is their ability to occasionally move your vagina to squeeze and release his penis repeatedly when he is in you. No one can teach you how to do that, you sit down and learn it on your own, how to squeeze your vagina without any aid, my sister, if you are able to practice this, case closed. He can promise you anything you want that moment. So train your self and avoid loosing your man to other ladies
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