Premature Ejaculation: A Nightmare For Most Men

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PREMATURE EJACULATION (PE): The most embarrassing issue and a nightmare for most men.
First of all let me set the record straight, in most cases, PE as it affect a large number of men is not organic in nature,it has to do with more of psychological problems. Though some cases are organic. Below are some psychological causes of PE
1.Too much anticipation for sex(too much thinking of sex) : most men in the event if wanting to prove to there partners that they are real men, they too much anticipate of sex for hours,preparing on how they will destroy their partners in bed,as a result, anxiety sets in.
2.Masturbation:I may call masturbation a double trigger machine gun, why because it a two way thing. Most men who engage in excessive masturbation are at high risk of premature EJACULATION.
3.Too much stress: It is no news that too much stress drives away the urge for sex, hence when one is subjected to stress when having an affair may lead to premature EJACULATION
4.Inability to manage premature EJACULATION: Most a times when a man experiences PE , he ends up being subjected to intense fear prior to next sexual contact,as such when eventually he is onto it again,he ends up With a more quick release than the previous one

1.Avoid too much anticipation for sex
2.Avoid too much fatty foods
3.Engage in exercise to get fit
4.Masturbation by a second party to learn how to control it naturally
5.use of condoms as it reduces the sensitivity
6.The man should always be under while the partner on top, as such reduces blood flow to the penis
7.Use of delayed creams brings about a prolonged duration of sex

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