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About periods skipping and not coming at the exact day they are meant to. For example, instead of coming in, say, 25 days time, it skips by 1or 2 days and comes on the 30th day. Why does this always happen?

The unblemished medical truth is that periods are not carved in in stone and neither do they rigidly keep to time like alarm clocks. Their regularity is subject to the hormonal fluctuations that go on continually in the woman's body. And because these hormonal fluctuations are also subject to change, one can have one's period skipping by a few days and it won't be considered abnormal.

On this account, it is not unusual for one's period to Skip by 0-5 days. Once it is in excess of 7 days, one must investigate the cause of the delay immediately. In fact, except one is sure of not being pregnant, one should take a PT once one misses one's period.

Come earlier than expected but not in excess of 0-5 days. .

Note that, a period can be irregular and still be normal. A woman with 28 days cycle whose period may skip between, say, 26-32 days will be considered to have a normal period even though it may not be regular. For a period to be irregular and still be normal, it must have a cycle length ranging from 21-35 days. So, except your period comes earlier than 21 or is delayed more than 35 days, it is still considered normal on account of circle length. There are other indicators for assessing normal cycles like duration of flow, colour of menses and even amount of menses.
The bottom line is that periods can skip every now and then, and it is okay so far they are normal. Stuffs like stress(physical,or emotional), malaria (or any other stressful disease state), drugs like postinor, cimetidine, antidepressants, etc, severe weight loss or weight gain are common things that can cause one's period to skip. These are all normal
stuffs, ladies. .

That said, there are times when period skips are symptomatic of an underlying medical condition that is impairing the process of ovulation.
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Salamatu Ibrahim

Please my sisters period has skip 5months now nd she ain't pregnant.. What could be the cause doc

02 Dec, 2019 at 02:14 PM 1 reply