Peeing Unintentionally

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Forget the big grammar please. You can simply refer to it as "pee shiver" or "piss shiver" or "PMCS" for short. And hey, do not be intimidated by it. It is a very small something.

Let me explain some basic physiology so that you know what this is all about...

The process of urination is controlled by the autonomic nervous system (ANS) which has two subsystems- the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). The SNS is responsible for holding urine in the bladder until one is ready to urinate, during which the PNS takes over. So, in essence, the whole process of urination (also called micturition) is coordinated by the SNS and PNS.

Now, it happens that when one holds urine for too long such that one's bladder becomes very full, the SNS helps keep the bladder from releasing the urine without the owner's consent. While the SNS is at work holding urine in the bladder, it also affects the cardiovascular system and causes an increase in BP. This is why, one may likely have a slightly higher BP if one measures their BP when they are very pressed.

Anyways, when one finally starts urinating, the PNS takes over and because it has a lowering effect on BP (it drops BP), the body tries to compensate for the drastic drop in BP by causing muscles to convulse and contract. This is a good response. This mild convulsion is that pleasurable feeling and tingling sensation one experiences during urination after one has held back one's urine for too long. The whole thing is a normal physiological response to ensure that one doesn't faint following the rapid drop in BP during urination. In fact, elderly men have been known to faint while urinating (post-micturition syncope) because their bodies are not too strong to compensate for the rapid drop in BP during peeing.

Also, because this drop in BP is more pronounced when one is standing, "pee shivers" are more common in men than women. Some women experience it but it is usually mild.

That said, PMCS is a very normal something. To avoid it, try to urinate as soon as you start feeling pressed
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Note that the shivers and tingling sensation one feels are different from those one feels when one is having a urinary tract infection (UTI). In UTI, one pees like every 5mins and even though the urine is usually small, one still feels like the want to continue peeing. Don't confuse the two sensations. And of course, in UTI, the urine test comes out positive for the pathogen causing it.
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