Oral Thrush A.k.a Oral Candidiasis Or Yeast Infection Of The Mouth.

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Oral Thrush a.k.a oral candidiasis or yeast infection of the mouth.

For those of you may have believed that yeast infection only affects the vagina, perhaps, this post will make you have a rethink and change your mind

How can one have oral thrush ??

Answer: Oral Sex or Kissing.

Although not talked about much, the fungus which causes vaginal yeast infection can also affect other parts such as the mouth, penis, anus and some times even the nipples. Usually, for it to spread to those body parts, it has to be transferred from it's original focus of entry to the new site. And this is where oral sex comes in.

A woman can get it from sucking an infected penis or mouth or from sucking an infected vagina or anus as the case may be.

The possibility and risk of contracting this and other hideous infections from unprotected oral sex is the reason I have always admonished my audience to be very selective with whom they perform oral sex with. Not every mouth is healthy enough to suck your vagina. Likewise, not every penis is healthy enough to be sucked by your mouth. The same logic applies to men too. Not every vagina is worthy of your mouth
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