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Just before we get to it, below are some key facts you should know about vaginal odour....

1. Different women have different odours, because no two women (except may be identical twins) have the same vaginal odour when their vaginas are in good health. And this variation in vaginal is due, partly, to the fact that people secret hormones that are unique to them. So, it's okay if your vagina doesn‘t smell like your sister‘s own or your partner's (assuming you are a lesbian).

2. Even in one woman, there is bound to changes in the odour of the vaginal at various phases of her life. For example, the vaginal odour of a 6-yr-old is not the same as when she gets to 18yrs and is not the same when she attains menopause. Even while at one phase, it can still vary from day to day. For example, the vagina can have a slightly different odour during ovulation from its odour during menstruation.

3. To a reasonable extent, vaginal odour is also a function of what people eat (drugs, spices, alcohol, coffee, fruits, etc). So, if you noticed a change in odour after embarking on a crazy diet plan, you may have to blame the foods.

Having made those points, here are some of the normal vaginal odours.

-musky, most healthy vaginas tend assume this odour especially when they have been kept heated up by tight, suffocating trousers. Any event that can make you sweat a bit down there can make your vagina smell musky. No cause for alarm.

-SWEET when you eat fruits like pineapple, mango, banana, etc, they can imbue your vaginal with a slightly sweet smell. In fact, even the vaginal fluid may taste a bit sweet. Normal thing.

-Metallic this is a faint smell of blood that envelops the vagina during menses or around that time. Also normal.

NB: A times, immediately after sex, it can have a slight chlorine-like smell (like semen). Also normal.
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