How To Determine Your Fertile Window Easily

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Let me explain some terms here
1. Fertile window (F.W): This is that time when a woman is fertile can conceive if she has an unprotected sex with a fertile male partner. The F.W is a range of 6 days. This means that once those 6 days are missed, one will have to wait until the next month or cycle before one can try to conceive.

2. Ovulation day: this is the actual day when a woman's ovary releases mature egg(s). This day is dependent on the cycle length.

3. Cycle length: this is the number of days in between two periods. To know your cycle length, count start counting from the first day you see your flow until you see your next flow. Usually, the normal range is 21-35 days. If your is taking longer than 35 days to come, it is abnormal. Also, it is abnormal if it takes less than 21 days to come. In essence, if your cycle length falls within 21-35 days, it is considered as normal even when it may not be regular.

Ovulation happens on the 5th day. It is a one day thing. Once the eggs are released, that's it. It is not like eggs will get released today and continue tomorrow. No, not so. Anyways, once the egg or eggs are released they last up to 24hrs before they dissolve, assuming fertilization does not occur

Which is why the fertile window is 6 days in total: 4 days for which sperm can survive in the female genital tract + one day for ovulation + one day for the eggs to survive before they lose their integrity.

All the 6 days are very strong. If however you are trying to conceive, the 4th and 5th days are the strongest, especially the 4th day.

So if for example your ovulation day is today, and you fail to have sex for eg from Monday of this week till on Sunday, you will never be pregnant because the egg was released today, and tomorrow Saturday it will expire

And the sperm can stay for 4-6 days in a woman waiting for the release of egg to fertilize hence pregnancy set in

This brings us to the concept of fertile window /period when you can get pregnant after sex

The normal range of menstrual cycle is 21-35days ie from the first day you see your period one month to another month, if you know how many days your cycle is, be happy, because from tonight, you will know when exactly you will be pregnant with your hubby If both of you are fertile

To calculate your fertile period (when you will be pregnant when you have unprotected sex with ur hubby), you will subtract 14 days from your cycle length, that is exactly the day you will ovulate. So to calculate your fertile days, you will subtract 4 days from your ovulation day, and add 1 day to your ovulation day, that will give you your fertile window

Using 28 days for example
You will subtract 14 days from 28 that means 28-14=14
Meaning you will surely be ovulating every 14th day of your cycle
Start counting the day you first see your period as day 1

So To Calculate Your Fertile Period :
You subtract 4 day from ovulation day and add 1 day to your ovulation day
eg since your ovulation day is 14,
14-4=10 and 14+1=15
So your fertile window is 10th day to 16th day of your cycle,
I.e days 10,11,12,13,14, and 15,
So the fifth day (day 14)is your ovulation day so any unprotected sex during this period, as far as u are both fertile, you must be pregnant
But most fertile days are day 13,14, and 15
[3/8, 22:22] Repo: Below are fertile window of ladies I calculated
1. 21 days cycle: will ovulate on day 7; Fertile window is day 3 to day 8. This means that you are likely to conceive starting from the 3rd day

2. 22 days cycle: will ovulate on day 8; Fertile window is day 4 to day 9.

3. 23 days cycle: will ovulate on day 9; FW is day 5 to day 10

4. 24 days cycle: will ovulate on day 10; FW is day 6 to day 11

5. 25 days cycle: will ovulate on day 11; FW is day 7 to day 12

6. 26 days cycle: will ovulate on day 12; FW is day 8 to day 13

7. 27 days cycle: will ovulatw on day 13; FW is day 9 to day 14.
8. 28 days cycle: will ovulate on day 14; FW is day 10 to day 15.

9. 29 days cycle: will ovulate on day 15; FW is day 11 to day 16.

10. 30 days cycle: will ovulate on day 16; FW is day 12 to day 17.

11. 31 days cycle: will ovulate on day 17; FW is day 13 to day 18.

12. 32 days cycle: will ovulate on day 18; FW is day 14 to day 19.

13. 33 days cycle: will ovulate on day 19; FW is day 15 to day 20.

14. 34 days cycle: will ovulate in day 20; FW is day 16 to day 21

15. 35 days cycle: will ovulate on day 21; FW is day 17 to day 22.

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