DELAYED EJACULATION (DE) : Causes, Symptoms And Management

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DELAYED EJACULATION (DE) : Causes, symptoms and management

This (DE) is a devastating condition, capable of ruining a relationship, whereby the man experiences difficulty with achieving an orgasm even when he desires to orgasm. Sadly, it is not often talked about because most men equate their sexual prowess with how long they are able to last during a round of sex. But I tell you, when the chips are down, delayed ejaculation can be a serious problem for men just as premature ejaculation is a big problem for them.

Delayed ejaculation can manifest in various forms. It may be situational, psychogenic, neurogenic or depending on the partner one gets down with. Yes, it can be that petty.

A more serious variant of it is what is known as male anorgasmia whereby the man is unable to climax during sexual activity even though he is maximally stimulated and pleasured. Very frustrating bastard, i tell you.
The more common one seen around is that caused due to a side effect of prolonged masturbation. As prolonged, frequent masturbation can diminish the sensitivity of the penis and make it difficult for the vagina to cause it to orgasm. When this happens, men tend to suffer from delayed ejaculation.

Treatment depends on the cause. From experience it is much more easier to treat delayed ejaculation caused by excessive masturbation that it is to treat male anorgasmia of unknown aetiology.

Whether or not it is to be considered a blessing in disguise depends on the couple. Some women naturally tire out and become dry one's the sex becomes abnormally prolonged. This makes the sex boring. For this couple, delayed ejaculation will be seen as a curse. By the way, some of these men occasionally fake an orgasm to bring the sex to an end! Yes, men fake orgasms too.


Having the ability to control and delay orgasm is different from delayed ejaculation. With the former, you can decide to orgasm whenever you desire. This is however not the case with the latter.
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