Bottle(soft) Drinks Kills With Laser Precision

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effects of bottle soft drinks

Before now,humans were known with tropical disease like malaria, thyroid, diarrhea etc. But when we started adopting sedentary lifestyle, we complicated issues for ourselves, by bringing in serious health conditions( hypertension, diabetes, depression, infertility, cancers,.....) plus the one's we have tropically.
The effect of bottle drinks are in 2 folds
1.Effects of the drinks itself
2.Effect of the bottle packaging the drink
But I will be laying emphasis on the effect of the container(bottle)
Most of the plastic bottles used in packaging our drinks today contain a compound called BPA(Bisphenol A). And this compound is unanimously agreed that it is dangerous to our health because it is classified as hormone disrupting chemicals.
So when drinks are packaged in this bottles, the BPA leaks into the drink,hence we end up taking BPA in the drink. What it does to our body system is that, it disrupt the normal hormonal balance in our body by depreciating the level of testosterone and increasing the level of estrogen. This reason basically is why you see men of nowadays are so flexible like women and women nowadays are extremely feminine

1.When consumed in excess, it leads to extreme labor since no enough level of oxytocin to cause contraction
2.It causes infertility in some cases
3.Breast and prostate cancers
4.Weight gain
5.Early onset of puberty (That's why u see very small girls this days with features of adolescent like development of breast, early menstrual flow, wet dreams by the boys, intense sexual desire)

2.small children
3.unborn child(fetus)

According to some researches in America, over 90% of people evaluated were found to have BPA. Though some scientists are saying that the amount of BPA leached into the bottle drinks are relatively safe, hence cannot cause much effect compared to taking in large amount, but to be on the safer side, let be cautious
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