20 Healthy Tips For A Successful Marriage

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20 healthy tips for a successful marriage


1.Think before you speak

2.Analyse situations before correcting your spouse

3.Never mock your partner's weak point

4.Always try to see the point of views of your partner, if still you don't understand ask questions politely

5. Do not insult or result to name calling

6. Limit how long you argue with your spouse

7.Ask yourself if you have argued the subject matter before, and try to find a lasting solution

8.Always try to see that you are on the same side with your spouse

9.Respect each other's opinion, and be constructive in criticism

10. Don't involve a third party/parties in your marital issues, unless it's necessary and they must be who your secretes are safe with

11. Learn to forgive and forget after argument

12. Laugh at each other's jokes even if they are not too funny

13. Learn to appreciate each other most a times

14. Sex is a powerful tool for both partners. So learn to satisfy each other's sexual desire

15. Learn to share each other's pain

16. Learn to think together instead of focusing on thinking alike

17. Never yell at each other in front of your kids

18. Every morning, ask your self what can I do to make my spouse's life better today

19. Marriage is a life long engagement, which thrives on love, care, trust, communication, patience. So live a happy life not staying in a marriage for your childrens sake only

20. Marriage is not a 50/50 partnership, rather a 100/100 partnership. So you are one entity, targeted at complimenting each other
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20 healthy tips for a successful marriage

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