16 Common Marriage Problems That Leads To Divorce

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16 Common Marriage Problems That Leads To Divorce

16 Common Marriage Problems That Leads To Divorce

1. Infidelity: Infidelity is seen as having illicit sexual activities outside your marriage. Although infidelity is not confined to sexual intercourse with other persons other than your spouse. Watching pornography, having intense sexual desire with other persons,etc
The basic reasons why people cheat in marriages is mostly attributed to sexual dissatisfaction, revenge,or emotional dissatisfaction

2. Holding grudges for long: One of the greatest mistake in marriages is keeping grudges for long after having a misunderstanding. The longer you keep grudges the more devil work negatively on your emotions. Hence resolve your difference as soon as possible

3. Disrespecting your spouse : Lack of respect for your spouse leads to failed marriage. Disrespect can be in many folds, which includes : physical abuse, proclaiming your lost of confidence in him, discrediting his opinion always...

4. Use of social media: Social media ruins many relationships in several ways.Some of which includes having unrealistic expectations as seen proclaimed by many pages.People only post about the good in their life, so you see all these people with perfect relationship, financial buoyancy etc

5. Keeping toxic people: Keeping toxic people around you as friends can lead to failed marriage, because they end up crumbling your marriage. These toxic friends may be your friends, the opposite sex, family members.
Anyone always telling you bad about your partner, or telling you to leave, that person is toxic.

6. Lack of communication: Lack of communication with your spouse is as dangerous as tsunami, because silence only compound issues not confers solution

7.Dishonesty: Failure to be honest with your partner is very dangerous to your marriage. Be honest and truthful

8. Not spending enough time together: It’s difficult to keep a relationship in good standing when you don’t spend enough time together. Without being together, you cut out intimacy, date nights, and good communication. Whether you’re spending most of your time on work, or hobbies, or something else… your marriage has got to be a priority.
To Avoid Not Spending Enough Time Together.
Put date night on the calendar, and make it happen. Make it a point to spend x amount of nights at home with your spouse. If it is work that consumes you, try to involve your spouse, see if they can help you. Try to find hobbies you can do together.

9. Selfishness
10. Children : This one is tough. Children have the ability to bring a married couple closer than ever. You worked together to create a life. You now have a deeper connection than you ever have before. But, children can also put a serious strain on your marriage.

Your marriage used to be your main priority, and now your responsibilities have shifted, and children are the main focus. You have a constant feeling of overwhelm, you’re emotional, and a lot of your stress tends to get taken out on your spouse.

To Avoid Children Putting a Strain on Your Marriage:

Keep dating your spouse. Never stop trying to impress them. Do something nice for them everyday. Always make date night a priority. Try to even out the workload, between diaper changes, and chores, and other responsibility. Even if your spouse isn’t putting in the same amount of work, keep giving it your all. You never know just how much stress a person is under. Keep treating your partner the way you want to be treated, and eventually it will click for them and they will be able to reciprocate all of the love you have given to them.

11. Lack of packaging : One of the greatest mistake women made is not keeping good care of one's self. Most ladies after 1 or 2 children they tends to abandon their body. Which may tends to cause serious setback to your marriage

12. Failure to cook a good food: Good food is a great weapon to win your man. So invest huge in that.

13. Revealing your spouse's weakness to friends: The secret of your spouse most not be revealed to anyone. Always remember you are one.

14. Intimacy issues:
Sex is a huge part of marriage. Being intimate with someone has a way of bringing you two closer, and establishing a deeper connection to one another. Naturally, people have different desires in the bedroom. Whatever those desires may be, you and your spouse have to be on the same page.

To Avoid Having Intimacy Issues:

Make sex a priority. Even if you don’t feel you need it often, your partner might. Sex can bring the two of you closer together both physically and emotionally. Communicate what it is that you want. Be open-minded to your spouse’s desires. If there is something the two of you just can’t agree on, try to find a happy medium. Without compromise, a marriage will not last. But when you’re putting your needs above your spouses, and you are not willing to compromise you’re being selfish.

15. What else: What else do you think from your experience?
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