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Henna And Menstruation: What You Should Know

Using henna for cleansing by women after menstruation is getting much popularity in the Muslim world, because the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) recommended it. Henna was frequently pa.. Read more

How To Prevent Bad Vaginal Odour?

HOW TO PREVENT BAD VAGINAL ODOUR? 1. AVOID OVERZEALOUS WASHING OF THE VAGINA WITH SOAPS, DETERGENT OR HYPO: l have explained this in a previous post. The idea of women washing .. Read more

What To Do When One Has An Abnormal Vaginal Odour.

WHAT TO DO WHEN ONE HAS AN ABNORMAL VAGINAL ODOUR. Like I mentioned in earlier post, abnormal vaginal odour can be caused by both infective and non-infective agents. Prompt ident.. Read more

Normal Vaginal Odour

NORMAL VAGINAL ODOUR : Just before we get to it, below are some key facts you should know about vaginal odour.... 1. Different women have different odours, because no two wo.. Read more

Period Skips: Normal Vs Abnormal

PERIOD SKIPS: NORMAL VS ABNORMAL About periods skipping and not coming at the exact day they are meant to. For example, instead of coming in, say, 25 days time, it skips by 1o.. Read more

How Exactly Does Felvin Affect One's Period?

HOW EXACTLY DOES FELVIN AFFECT ONE'S PERIOD? INTRODUCTION: Felvin is a famous drug belonging to a class if drugs known as Non-Steroidal AntiInflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs). Other.. Read more


Xoxolife Network Marketing

*WELCOME TO XOXOLIFE GLOBAL LIMITED NAIRA COMPENSATION PLAN* *SEE HOW IT WORKS*👇🏿 *This is what you are required to do* 👇 *Register with XOXOLIFE GLOBAL with jus.. Read more

Allow Your Self To Be Disvirgined Before Marriage

WHY YOU SHOULD NOT DISVIRGIN OR ALLOW YOUR SELF TO BE DISVIRGINED BEFORE MARRIAGE 1. No one will commit adultery /fornication until he has NO RESPECT for almighty GOD because du.. Read more

Why I Should Marry A Virgin(advantages)

WHY I SHOULD MARRY A VIRGIN(Advantages) 1. Free from sexually transmitted diseases (STD) 2.The risk of infidelity is minimal(adultery) 3. You are free from intimidation o.. Read more

The Life Cycle Of A Poor Boy At Twenties

THE LIFE CYCLE OF A POOR BOY AT TWENTIES: Life at twenties to early thirties is indeed a painful life transition in men. This is the time so many things runs through your mi.. Read more

30 Days Guide To Changing Habits In Marriages

30 DAYS HACKS, TO TAKE YOUR MARRIAGE TO THE NEXT LEVEL 1. Ask your husband to mention something new that you can do for him 2. Cook something special and do not ask for ext.. Read more

16 Common Marriage Problems That Leads To Divorce

16 Common Marriage Problems That Leads To Divorce 1. Infidelity: Infidelity is seen as having illicit sexual activities outside your marriage. Although infidelity is not confin.. Read more